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Since 1946 Jack Rubenstein Wholesale has deliviered on our promise with the lowest prices on carpet and flooring. Recognized for our excellent customer service, we have been featured in several different news outlets.


Our company offers three of the largest wholesale direct showrooms in the Twin Cities, Minnesota,
as well as hundreds of other showrooms across the country.

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Wholesale Sale

By John Ewoldt, Star Tribune 8/9/16

Need tile, carpet, quartz/marble countertop? Wholesale sale in progress...

New Carpet Discounts

By John Ewoldt, Star Tribune 10/12/11

We offer additional discounts from manufacturers on more than 50% of its carpet selection and 30% of the hardwood, laminate, tile and vinyl flooring. The sale at three wholesale locations in Bloomington, Plymouth and Oakdale runs through Saturday. Free lunch is served each day of the sale.

Jack Rubenstein Wholesale:

By John Ewoldt, Star Tribune 1/28/04

We celebrate our 40th year in with a bonus - 12 months of no-interest financing through December on all flooring purchases. Owner Joel Grossman offers the lowest prices on carpet found in the Twin Cities. Measuring is free, while we charge installation. The showrooms also offer hardwood, laminates, vinyl, and tile. Buyers do not need to pay separate fees, as they are included in the quote.

Dollars+Sense: Deal or No Deal? The Year's Champs, Chumps:

By John Ewoldt, Star Tribune 1/9/08

The grandfatherly avatar from Empire Today. If you need carpet tomorrow and you don't care what it costs, then Empire Today is for you. Compared to 2007, we found that Empire's carpet prices were 30% to 50% higher than Jack Rubenstein wholesalers, which sends customers to several local showrooms. Then, Empire's salesmen only bring a few colors and styles and they won't leave samples. If you're in a hurry, shop at Rubenstein first to get ballpark prices, borrow samples, and then call Empire. If you can wait, skip Empire even if you can't get that cursed jingle out of your head.

Know of Lower Prices on Carpet? Let Us Know:

By John Ewoldt, Star Tribune 1/28/04

We are still waiting to find a source with lower prices on carpet and other flooring materials. Occasionally, sale prices are lower at Menards or Home Depot. In a price check last year, we beat Empire's prices on similar carpets. We will refer you to a showroom that includes a large brand-name selection, up to three hours of free interior design service for color selection, free measuring, installation at $5 to $7 per yard, and six months no-interest financing.